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Coles County Community Events February 2020

Lake Charleston Trails Visit Lake Charleston for hiking, biking, walking, running, bird watching, fishing. Five trails available, connect to Lakeview Park, Woodyard Park, and Lake Charleston for a relaxing walk, run, or ride! Bring the whole family or take a quiet walk with your Big/Little. Visit the Lake View Trails Charleston Illinois Facebook Page to get up-to-date info on the… Read more →

Talking with kids about strangers

With all the talk in the news, it is important to keep your child safe by teaching them about stranger danger. The following tips can help protect your child’s safety in a dangerous situation. First off, your child needs to understand the difference between a “good” stranger and a “bad” stranger. Not all unknown people are necessarily bad or dangerous. Examples of a “good” stranger… Read more →

Does Your Child Have School Anxiety?

Anxiety is something that all children will experience throughout their childhood in one way or another. When anxiety becomes severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities such as going to school or playing with friends, a caregiver would do well to consult a professional for an evaluation or advice. Some reasons why kids avoid school A bully may be bothering them problem… Read more →

Helping Cope with Grief

Each year thousands of children experience the death of someone they love. When a parent, sibling, friend or relative dies, children feel the overwhelming loss of someone who helped shape their fragile self-identities. And these feelings about death become a part of their lives forever. Caring adults, whether parents, teachers, counselors or friends, can help children during this time. If… Read more →