Does Your Child Have School Anxiety?

Anxiety is something that all children will experience throughout their childhood in one way or another. When anxiety becomes severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities such as going to school or playing with friends, a caregiver would do well to consult a professional for an evaluation or advice.

Some reasons why kids avoid school

  • A bully may be bothering them
  • problem with a teacher or friends
  • the school work is too easy or too hard
  • changes at home
  • shyness or feel nervous about entering a new school or grade.

Some ways teachers/parents/Bigs can help

  • Don’t just tell them they have to go to school, give them a reason.
  • Explain how going to school will give them a chance to learn and experience new things.
  • If your child is shy, encourage them to join an after school club or activity.
  • Get your child extra help if they are having trouble with their school work
  • Talk to teachers and counselors to keep up to date on bully situations.

Some things your child can do to reduce stress

  • Have them write down their worries or feelings in a journal or notebook. Drawing, coloring or art work may help.
  • Encourage them to tell an adult if they are having problems with school work or with another student.
  • Help your child list things they dislike about school, then talk about the things they have the power to change and how to change them.
  • Be sure your child is getting plenty of rest and practice relaxation exercises with them. Seek help from a doctor if symptoms do not go away.