BBBS Game Changers

A monthly commitment that matters

BBBS Game Changers are a group of loyal supporters who make monthly gifts to provide consistent, and reliable support for our mentoring relationships. With hundreds of kids in our program, this group’s ongoing commitment to our kids is critical.


You might not be able to invest the time to be a mentor, but you can still invest in a child’s life.


BBBS serves approximately 200 children in East Central Illinois but, there are still approximately 100 children who are waiting to be matched with a mentor. Your support will help match a waiting Little with their Big.

YOU can change the future for children in East Central Illinois.


As a Game Changer, your gift of $20, $50, or the amount of your choice, will be automatically and securely deducted from your debit or credit card each month. You will receive an annual giving summary for tax purposes, have the ability to make changes to your donation at any time, and enjoy the knowledge that your donation will be put to work immediately. We’ll also send you updates on the relationships you are building.


Members of the group like it because they can quickly and easily make a difference. By spreading their commitment over 12 months, they can support kids in East Central Illinois every month of the year.


To join, choose the level that is right for your budget and become a member. It is that easy! From $5 to $500, every gift makes a difference and together we are changing children’s lives for the better, forever.

Click here to become a BBBS Game Changer >>

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