When your mission is to ignite the power and promise of all youth, it is impossible to stand by when appalling acts threaten that promise. We live in a country torn by differences. Big Brother Big Sisters seeks to bring people together, to value each person and see differences as strengths that make each of us unique.

We live in a country where race and ethnicity have created systemic obstacles for people of color. Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to remove obstacles for all young people by connecting them with a mentor, a caring adult who can be in their corner. We live in a country where intolerable acts by people in authority undermine our fragile social fabric.

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to build bridges of understanding. Our Bigs in Blue program seeks to create meaningful relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Where we see wrong, we must call it out.

Big Brothers Big Sisters will continue to promote love and the value and dignity of every single person. It is the only way to bring about peaceful, systemic change.

Pam Lorio